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I am an editor,
cover designer and
ebook consultant with
20 years of experience in
the world of publishing.

What I Do

I can set you on your way to publishing your writing, for the web or for print.

Editing & Proofreading

Whether you have a thesis, a novel, a non-fiction manuscript, a report, a brochure or a web page – if it has text in it, I can edit it.

Design & Layout

I can transform your vision of a perfect cover into a design you can be proud of. I can even assist in creating a layout for the text itself.

Digital Publishing

I can convert your text into an ebook and help upload it on popular online bookstores like Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords.

Other Design Services

I can design logos, posters, brochures, reports, websites, invites and more. Scroll down to see some samples of my work.

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Take a look at some of my work.

The Hussaini Alam House

Book cover

A novel about a traditional Hyderabadi Muslim household. Publisher: Zubaan. Year: 2012.

The Saga of Satisar

Book cover

A novel on the lives of several generations of Kashmiri Hindus and Muslims. Publisher: Zubaan. Year: 2018.

The Saga of Satisar 2

Book cover

One of the cover options presented for a novel based in Kashmir. Publisher: Zubaan. Year: 2018.

Thorny Garland

Book cover

A collection of short stories. Client: TrackChanges. Year: 2017.

All Passion Spent

Book cover

A novel dealing with the painful history of the 1947 Partition of India. Publisher: Zubaan. Year: 2011.


Booklet cover

Zubaan's annual academic catalogue. Client: Zubaan. Year: 2013.


Book cover

A novel about a Muslim woman living in a world torn by communal violence. Publisher: Zubaan. Year: 2015.


Book cover

A collection of stories from Bangladesh. Publisher: Zubaan. Year: 2012.


Book cover

A novel that deals with ethnic conflict and violence in Assam. Publisher: Zubaan. Year: 2011.

Mashobra Organics


Logo option for a company that specializes in organic foods. Client: Mashobra Organics. Year: 2015.

Mashobra Organics 2


Logo option for a company that specializes in organic foods.Client: Mashobra Organics. Year: 2015.

FinFirst Capital

Company logo

Logo for a corporate finance advisory firm. Client: FinFirst Capital. Year: 2016.

No Trolling

A website banner

Winner of the International Federation of Journalists Graphic and Slogan contest. The idea was to illustrate how trolls try to control women’s voices and opinions on the internet. Client: IFJ. Year: 2017.



A poster to encourage people at the World Book Fair to subscribe to a new e-initiative. Client: Zubaan. Year: 2017.



Website for a company that offers self-publishing services. Client: TrackChanges. Year: 2015.

Shweta Vachani

Here's a bit more about me.

I have been working in the field of publishing as an editor for the past two decades, and as a book designer and ebooks consultant for almost eight years.

As an editor, I have worked in publishing houses like Sage (academic books), Zubaan (trade and academic) and Vikas (educational). I have also freelanced for a variety of publishing houses, research organizations, educational institutes, individual authors and others.

At some point in my career, I started getting more interested in digital publishing. I set up Zubaan's digital department, where I initiated and implemented the company’s ebooks programme. I also headed Zubaan’s Poster Women Project, a unique undertaking to create a digital archive of the posters of the Indian women’s movement, as well as chronicling the experiences of many old and new feminist activists.

At Zubaan, I also had the opportunity to work on my design skills. I created several book covers, brochures, book launch invites, posters, bookmarks and even a website for the organization. Soon, I took on freelance design assignments as well. This was a remarkable time for me, allowing me to learn more about design, and to experiment and hone my skills.

My growing interest and experience in technology and design has nudged me to offer my services to a wider variety of clients. My goal remains that of a facilitator who assists authors and publishers to better communicate with their readers.

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